Combine Another Story


f. 1997-03-06

e: MULT.CH & FINJCH Trewater Macoy

u: Combine Velvet

Uppf. Lena Widebeck


*HD, AD och ögon ua*


*Open Show, Puppy II, 1:a HP, BH3

*Open show, Puppy II, BH4

*Off. juniorkl. 2:a, HP

Sigge januari 2002





MULT.CH & FINJCH Trewater Macoy Muskan Most Likely Goldcrest Game of Chance
Muskan Miss Elite
 Sandusky Khamsin at Trewater GBSHCH

Linchael Conspiracy of Chevanne

Sansue Golden Gloria of Sandusky
Combine Velvet Stanroph Sailor Man GBCH

Meant to be at Moorquest

Stanroph Shere Fantasy
Menna Maid of Gillbryan GBSHCH

Lorinford Lancelot

Gillbryan Madailein